Rached Ghannouchi and the Rabia Sign

Rached Ghannouchi and the Rabia Sign

Rached Ghannouchi published his photo on Facebook, as he waives the Rabia sign.


The Rabia, and its little yellow hand, have become a rallying cry for the Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters.

Beyond solidarity with victims of repression, the Rabia has a mystical meaning. Each finger of the Tamkeen hand represents a step in the taking of power.


Step 1

Presentation of Islam.

Step 2

Selection of future "Muslim Brotherhood" members

Step 3

Confrontation and specialization

Step 4

Domination and Tamkeen

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Fiammetta Venner

Fiammetta Venner est politologue (PHD SC PO), réalisatrice et spécialisée depuis 1990 dans l'étude des radicalismes politiques et intégristes. Elle publié de nombreux ouvrage, dont "OPA sur l'Islam de France : les ambitions de l'UOIF" (2005).

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