Nicolas Sarkozy and UOIF

Nicolas Sarkozy and UOIF

Nicolas Sarkozy has repeatedly tried to reassure those worried about the Republic endorsing an organization such as the Union of Muslim Organizations in France (UOIF). "They are only Orthodox Muslims," he once soberly declared in Complement d'enquete, a documentary which however did not give the most brilliant image of the concerned organization [1]. In his book, Sarkozy refuses to believe there is a "double discourse" or even a so-called radicalism within the organization: "I add that UOIF leaders have always respected the Republic and do not recognize themselves in the radical image projected about them. I chose to believe them "[2]. The former Minister of the Interior believes them so much that he presents the UOIF simply as a "fundamentalist" organization, and even as a movement against Islamic and secular extremism: "If Fouad Alaoui denounces both extremisms, Secular extremism and Muslim extremism, I cannot and will not blame him. (...) Both must be rejected with equal intensity! "[3]

Never mind the term "secular extremism" - which is perfectly improper, as it suggests that the desire to strictly separate politics and religious refers to religious ... extremism! More serious is the fact that Nicolas Sarkozy puts on the same level what he calls "secular extremism" (whose extremism consists of aiming to separate politics and religion in the interests of all) and Muslim extremism (which kills liberties every day, when it does not simply kill.

Fiammetta Venner


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[2] Nicolas Sarkozy, La République, les religions, l’espérance, Cerf, Paris 2004, p.83.

[3] Idem, p. 88.

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