Fiammetta Venner

Political scientist ( PHD SC- PO) and filmmaker, Fiammetta Venner works extensively since 1990 on political and religious radicalism.

Ladan Boroumand

Historian. Co-founder of the Abdorrahman Boroumand foundation which works for the promotion of democracy and human rights in Iran .

Hassen Chalgoumi

Born in Tunisia, Hassen Chalgoumi, attended radical groups as a young man. He trained in Syria and Pakistan. He founded the Conference of Imams of France which includes 80 imams. He supports now a liberal and spiritual Islam in opposition to the fundamentalist political Islam of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Emmanuel Razavi

Emmanuel Razavi is senior correspondent and filmmaker. Graduated in Political Science (IEP) , he lived several years in the Middle East and made ​​several inquiries about the Organization of the Muslim Brotherhood for Arte , Le Figaro Magazine and Valeurs actuelles. He also published several novels and essays on the Middle East (Latest book : Lemon Mint, an Arab Spring, Dhow - Publishing, 2014)

Michael Prazan

Michael Prazan is a historian and filmmaker. He is a specialist on violence in politics, he is the author of ​​a film and a book on the Muslim Brotherhood.

Caroline Fourest

Caroline Fourest is a writer and filmmaker. Her book about Tariq Ramadan revealed the double-talk of the most prominent European Islamist preacher.

Antoine Sfeir

Antoine Sfeir is a journalist and writer, specialized in the Middle East and fundamentalist movements. He is the director of Cahiers de l'Orient. The Muslim Brotherhood tried to silence him through legal procedures.

Soufiane Zitouni

Soufiane Zitouni was a philosophy teacher at a UOIF high school in France. He resigned due to a violent smear campaign against him when he denounced fundamentalist behaviour in the school.

Mohamed Sifaoui

Investigative journalist, writer and filmmaker. Specialist of islamism and President of " January Eleventh " an NGO named after the Charlie Hebdo attack.

Mohamed Louizi

Former member of the Moroccan Attawhid wal’Islah movement (1995-1999), the Justice and Development Party (1997-1999) and the Union of Islamic Organizations of France (UOIF) from 2002 until 2006. Former president of the Muslim Students of France – Lille, he is a student and researcher of compared religions. Mohamed Louizi is the author of several texts published on the blog “Ecrire sans Censures! ” “Write without Censorships!”

Valentina Colombo

Valentina Colombo’s research focuses on democratisation in the Middle East and North Africa. She is particularly focused on liberal intellectuals in the region and the role of women in politics. Valentina teaches geopolitics in the Islamic world at the European University in Rome. Valentina has a PhD in islamic Studies and has previously taught Islamic Studies and Arabic language and literature at Bologna University. She regularly appears in Italian media as well as in international press. She has published books including “Christianity in the Arab World” (2013), “Forbidden in the name of Allah” (2010) and “Islam: Instructions for use” (2009).

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